Wicked Chickens Yarn Stitch Marker Set In Small Tin Both Removable and Snag Free Closed Stitch Markers Included


Our knitting kits and patterns all call for removable stitch markers to mark where the limbs on our little critters get picked up later. Many of you guys have asked us where we get markers that are small enough to work with our fingering weight kits, so here they are! These are the exact markers we use when designing and knitting up our patterns!

We have put together the perfect little tin full of markers that are ideal for knitting our kits and are also excellent for general knitting purposes. This tin includes 24 removable markers, enough for any of our kits, plus 4 snag-free closed markers for the beginning of the round as called for in our patterns. The removable markers are like small safety pins and come in a random rainbow of colors. The closed markers are brass in color and are all snag-free. We have included a heart that is good for up to about US size 3 needles, a star marker that is good up to about US size 4 needles, a square marker that is good for up to US size 7 needles, and a hexagon marker good for up to a US size 10.5 needle. All of the markers will come in a small 2"x1.25"x.4375" (7/16") tin perfect for keeping your markers together and tossing into your notions bag, since you want to always be prepared for some pocket critter knitting, right? (You will receive one tin of markers, not several as shown in the first photo)

You can add this item to your cart, or we offer it as an add-on to any of our knitting kits to save on shipping. Just pick it from the drop-down menu when ordering a kit!

Happy knitting!

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the markers are great and the little container is cute! I use this all the time!

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